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Increase revenue
fight inflation



Incentivise your customers to shop with you by giving cashback in high value currencies like USD



Protect your revenue from currency devaluation and inflation with our highly configurable APIs



Analyse the effectiveness of cashback in your business without managing any infrastructure

Some of our partners and customers

Wolfgang in lagos
Bernadines Bistro
Smokey Bones


CEO, OyaNow

With Esca we increased transaction volume by over 15% while unocking a new customer acquisition channel


Manager, Wolfgang Lagos

Our customers get the benefit of cashback while we get to increase customer retention


CEO, Smokey Bones

A far better offer than any of the platforms we're currently on.
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Make more money
Make an impact

Increase transactions in your business while protecting yourself and your customers from currency devaluation

With up to 12% APY on cashback, your business can increase in profits while helping your customers generate passive income whenever they shop with you

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Protect your business
increase profits

Generate cashback interest of up to 12%, gain high value currencies with no FX fee, increase customer loyalty.

Who can use Esca?


Small Businesses

Build a loyal customer base with USD and/or BTC cashback while letting your business generate passive income for you

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pos companies

POS Companies

Build a portfolio of foreign and digital currencies for merchants to protect against currency devaluation by integrating our API

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E-commerce Marketplaces

Increase transaction volume and retaine more users on your platform with USD and/or BTC cashback on certain orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

A web3 platform enabling businesses to increase customer loyalty, build higher profit margins, and protect against currency devaluation.

A monetary reward that is given once a transaction is completed. This reward is given in the form of a digital currency such as Bitcoin that lives on the blockchain and has the ability to grow exponentially in value. Unlike native currency cashback, i.e. Naira, crypto cashback can be used to generate passive income without having to invest in or buy the asset with your own funds.

Currently, we only give Bitcoin and US Dollar coin as cashback.

Your cashback percentage depends on your product choice. POS transactions usually have cashback of up to 0.5% while online transactions can have up to 3% cashback.

No. All you need is an account set up via email or phone number. Escas technology makes it extremely easy for a non-crypto user to interact with and manage their cashback. Our APIs makes it easy for any third party to integrate web3 elements into their web2 platform.

Esca employs various decetralised finance techniques such as market making to add yield to users cashback on a daily basis. Daily interest rates vary betwen 0.1% and 0.5%

It depends on your transaction method. If you utilise our API, your users cashback will be deposited immediately after a succesful transaction. If you made a purchase via an Esca POS machine, your cashback will arrive in 72 hours.

Once your account hits the withdrawal threshold of $15 you'll be able to transfer your BTC or USDC to an external wallet or withdraw it directly to a bank account in your local currency.

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